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Default Marquee Zoom Bug since reaper v5.973 (FIXED)

Steps to reproduce:
Marquee zoom on more than twelve tracks.
Expected behaviour: the area in the marqueed zone is zoomed in exactly.
What actually happens: If more than twelve or so tracks are marqueed then the bottom most tracks are left out of the zoom area. (This is on a 1080p monitor).

The licecap here is from reaper 6.33 using an unmodified version of the default theme on mac (high sierra). The last zoom here is using an SWS zoom vertically to selected tracks command.

I have tested this on many reaper versions and the first version which exhibits this behaviour is Reaper v5.973

There was a change to marquee zoom in this version that could be the culprit. From the changelog from 5.973:
Marquee zoom: fix issues with tracks that have locked height

Reaper version 5.972 and prior do not have the bug

This bug is inconvenient when running large projects. I know it's an old one but can it be fixed? Please
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Ah marquee zoom does not allow zooming tracks below a certain (too high) threshold, let's adjust that...
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