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Default Force WAV for render is missing (or hidden) (FIXED)

Hello there,

Yesterday I was doing WAV renders for a specific use that absolutely needs a WAV header conform to the spec of the format.
Unfortunately, my files didn't work out as intented as their headers litteraly had a "junk" part in them (no kidding, it is introduced by those 4-letters). By meddling with the differents setting, I achieved replacing this parasitic chunk by another one (introduced by the "acid" string), but couldn't suppress it completely.

Since I'm usually not a quitter, I further investigated to see if consolidate/exports tracks was doing the same. It is indeed doing the same *but* it is possible to remove any chunk not conform to the spec by using the "Force WAV" option in the dropdown menu.

Now that's a good solution, but my problem is the following one: this specific dropdown menu is not available in the render window, or rather I think that it actually exists, but is not displayed since the "Primary output format" block in the window is heavily truncated to the right (e.g. we can only see the "E" letter from the "Embed tempo" label of the checkbox to the right).

So, after this long introduction, here are my questions:
1) Is it at all possible to fix the export window so the whole "Primary output format" will show and I can "Force WAV" properly ?
2) In the meantime (or if you won't fix this), could you provide me with the string that would actually emulate this setting if written in a RENDERPRESET tag in my "reaper-render.ini" file ? (in lieu of my current "ZXZhdxgDAA==" that creates those unfortunate blocks in the WAV header) ?

I can still work around this with the consolidate/export tracks menu but I would prefer doing a proper render rather than having to print my whole project to a single track before a consolidation (which will actually also produce other files I don't care about).

Anyway, thank you for any help you can provide. Keep up the good work.

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Hi Pr1ms,

You think that your rendered wav files are incorrect in some way. Why do you think they are incorrect? The existence of a junk chunk is 100% compliant and correct for any RIFF-based file. If you have another application that is not reading the files, the problem is not the junk chunk. Is it the case that some other application is not opening your rendered files correctly?

I think you can't see all of the large files dropdown because of the french langpack you have installed. From your screenshot it looks like the langpack has a scaling for the embedded wav render dialog that is larger than the scaling for the render dialog, so the embedded window is too big. You could either edit the langpack or move it out of the way temporarily to reset to the default english settings.

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I think the language pack issue is that the render window doesn't properly support langpack-width-scaling, fixing!
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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I think the language pack issue is that the render window doesn't properly support langpack-width-scaling, fixing!
Hi, justin and schwa.

I installed on my pc the French Langpack, I think the solution for Mr ThePr1ms, are in the dialog windows below.

CURRENTLY: [DLG_155]=> Scale: 1.9 --- [DLG_444]=> 1.2 --- [DLG_506]=> 1.5

----NEW----: [DLG_155]=> Scale: 1.2 --- [DLG_444]=> 1.5 --- [DLG_506]=> 1.3 (Optional change)

I believe that using the new scales the problem will be solved. See pics

kind regards,
Together we're more!! - Reaper+SWS [pt-BR] - Windows/Mac/Linux Downloads here
Donate, if you wish

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Thank you everyone for your help. The French language pack was indeed causing the overflow of the interface.
I turned it back to English (I actually normally use the English interface, but this specific PC was in French)
I was able to get the hidden field to display and "Force WAV", thus outputting the file just how I wanted it.

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