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Default bug? scan for new plugins in fx brows. doesn't find lv2, scan in preferences does

Don't know if it's intended but tested it with 2 lv2 plugins and had to manual re-scan in preferences/lv2 to find them.

edit: it was the same session (no restart)when I changed the additional search path to home/.lv2 - if that helps
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Now that you have told Reaper where to find the new LV2 plugins, does it find them consistently?

Reaper might not look for a home/.lv2 folder by default (I don't know what the default is), but as long as it knows where to look, you should be fine.

If you add other LV2 plugins in a different location, you will have to tell Reaper where to look to find them. It's best to keep them all in one place. Some auto installers (mostly .deb installs) will put things in different places, like /usr/lib/lv2 and /usr/local/lib/lv2.

As long as you tell Reaper where to find them, it will pick them up.

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Well, what i mean is I added the folder home/.lv2 in the lv2 tab in preferences and reaper found the plugins, but only if I hit re-scan in the preferences tab and not via (fx/scan for new plugins) in the fx add window.

I just double checked with new lv2 plugins (added to the default and new home lv2 path) and it behaves like in the first post (even after re-starting reaper). I assumed that reaper doesn't find the plugins in a re-scan in the fx-browser because i sat the path in the same session (I tried to bug hunt...being lv2 was an addition and stuff) but this doesn't seem to be the case. At least with my set up.

I'm on
mx linux 19.4 64 bit xfce

edit: maybe that's relevant I'm on the verge to install mx 21 when it is out so on this test-laptop I never installed reaper via the included shell script just started the app in the folder

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Fixing, thanks (for now, rescan via prefs...)
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