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Default Strange mac-bug when editing a track name? (FIXED)

It is hard for me to believe that this is a bug, I must be missing something...

but: I have a project in reaper and a track in that project. I double-click the track name and start to write a track name there. Then I press the del-key on my keyboard (because I want to erase a character). A pop-up window opens "Confirmation: Delete 1 Selected Track?"

How can that be? Editing a text string triggers such a Reaper-action?
I can delete the character with a backspace though...

My MacOS is BigSur 11.6
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ah thanks, fixing
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Hi Justin,

I think there is a bug on ARM REAPER with the tracks names, when I am typing a new name to correct it, the first name is still showing. Please have a look at the jpg. I am using ARM REAPER on M1 Monterey.

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