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Human being with feelings
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Default -renderproject just quits after load

Hey folk,

I tried to render rpp project into wav.

* reaper -renderproject xxxx.rpp

It just loads the xxxx.rpp completely then quits immediately.

* reaper -renderproject xxxx.rpp out.wav

It just shows the help dialog just as I executed reaper /?
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Jackson Gomes
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does anyone know if there is a workaround for this and if it was acknowledged as a bug?
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If the destination file already exists, and the project setting "silently increment filenames to avoid overwriting" is not enabled, -renderproject will quit without rewriting the file.

There may be a bug that causes -renderproject to generate a rendered file with no filename, just the extension, like ".wav". Does a file like that exist in the target directory?

If so, you can work around this for now by opening the render dialog and specifying a filename. If no filename is specified, the render dialog will fill in the project name as a default, but the bug is that -renderproject does not.
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What OS? Can you post a minimal .rpp file and reaper.ini? thanks!
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