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Default macOS version strings Reaper versions AND make a universal build

Can someone who builds the Reaper versions for macOS with Xcode please use “normal” version strings?

A lot of macadmins use deployment systems and when we import a .app there’s a Info.plist inside the app bundle.

For the arm version it uses this as version info for CFBundleVersion and CFBundleShortVersionString:
"6.42.0 a8044bf"
The above version has a space in the number. This is ok-ish...

For the Intel version it’s not ok-ish as it has the following string:
"6.42.0 a8044bf/x86_64-clang"
This string contains a space and a forward slash!

This is generating an error when we want to create a download+import recipe when using tools as Autopkg for macOS: https://github.com/autopkg/autopkg

And please create a universal binary of Reaper for macOS, so we don’t have to create 2 different installer recipes to mass deploy your app in educational institutions for example.

All best
Patrick van Nerum
Hogeschool Rotterdam
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