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Meo-Ada Mespotine
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Default API: Defer runs though no node existing in param. Regression?

If you add the following line into a script:

the script will be deferred. At least it is listed in the running-scripts-list and opens the terminate-instance-dialog, when running twice.

But I have no idea, what code defer is actually running, as there is none.

This also happens, when there are multiple line in the code:

This seems to be a regression, as some scripts use reaper.defer() to prevent undo-points.

For instance:
js_Notation - Set beaming of selected notes to custom rhythm.lua

is now running as background script as well, even though it never defers anything.

Tested on Reaper 6.43
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Originally Posted by Meo-Ada Mespotine View Post
This seems to be a regression, as some scripts use reaper.defer() to prevent undo-points.
afaict it's not a _recent_ regression (I just checked 6.30 and it had the same behavior), but I'm inclined to agree it's not desirable behavior
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