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Default Count-in fails at beginning of project if tempo is exactly 180 BPM 3/4 (FIXED)

Count-in at beginning of project does not sound final measure secondary beats under very specific condition.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Start a new project.
  2. Insert a tempo and time signature change at 1.1.00: 180 BPM, 3/4.
  3. Enable metronome and 2-measure count-in.
  4. Start play/record with count-in.
Result: You hear ABBA..

If you change the number of measures, it is only the final measure affected (sometimes the primary beat is also missing). The count-in timing is otherwise perfect (you can see it in the transport time).

If you change the BPM, the problem does not exhibit. 179, 181, 180.1, all fine. It has to be 180 BPM with a 3/4 time signature (or equivalent like 6/8). I tried tempo denominators and multiples of 180, tried 180 BPM at 3/2 to 3/12, all worked as expected.

Doesn't matter if you view the tempo envelope or not. Doesn't matter if you set the Project Settings tempo and time signature.

Tested on REAPER 6.43 and 6.02.
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Ah thanks for reporting this, looking into it now. Edit: fixing, thanks!

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