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Default reaper won't playback anymore (cursor won't move)


I'm on Vista, using Reaper 1.888

I'm experiencing this error where I hit the space bar, the transport window says playing, but the song cursor won't move and the playback does not start.
I tried every possible output my crappy onboard soundcard offers, but it won't play.
I had it working on this system, though. I don't know what I changed that might have caused this behaviour.

Moreover, I am still able to record. I just can't listen to what I recorded.

What might be the reason for this?

thanks for reading
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It would help if you were to post the system spec, soundcard, driver model and where you've routed Reaper main output. Also, why are you using such an old version of Reaper?
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just a guess but, do you have anything else open that might use your soundcard?

having an internet browser with a flash video loaded has caused this same behavior for me, as well as having any media program open in general.

make sure nothing else that uses audio is open...
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I agree with bullshark's and slops' suggestions.

Also, you may find a solution on this thread.


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Hey folks,

sorry for the late reply. I was busy hating my machine. The Vista onboard soundcard is unknown to me... it says Realtek something in the sound control panel.

I can set it to all kinds of esoteric settings like "split inputs" and the like... as I couldn't figure out anything to make it work like my XP machine did (short silence for XP) I downloaded ASIO4all (which did somehow not work for me on XP) and that solved the problem immediately.

So. I still don't know what was going on, but now that ASIO4all seems to be doing the job I just keep my fingers crossed...

thanks for your link and the replies.

EDIT: I'm working on 1.888, because IIRC, I would have had to purchase a new license starting from version 2 for which the money somehow never showed up in my wallet...^^
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