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Default ReaFir - strange behaviour with large EQ up

Mac OSMonterey 12.3.1
Reaper 6.59

Problem 1:
I add ReaFir to a track. The default EQ-window opens with two points.
I remove the later point (by right-clicking it and choosing "Remove point")
Then I right-click the first point, choose "Set" and set a gain value of 48 db (large positive gain).
As a result: the EQ screen becomes blank, as the point now "goes up to the unvisible area of the screen".
It seems as if there were no points on the EQ although this unvisible point is doing something - I can hear it, and I can see the effect on the graphical window.
I can't undo this, I can't drag the point back to the screen - I can just press "Reset" in ReaFir, or remove ReaFir from the track and add it again.

Problem 2:
I continue from the previous case so that I add another ReaFir instance after the first one, and do the same as in the previous step except this time set a gain value of MINUS 48 db to the first point - thus expecting the two ReaFir instances to "cancel" each other - that's not what happens.

Why would I ever want to add such a large positive correction in EQ? Well I am currently experimenting if I could improve the behaviour of some plugins by first "transforming" the audio source by EQ'in some part of it first down, then apply the plugins, then EQ'ing the audio back => I shall easily need larger than the +24db correction, which currently fits to the screen.
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You can adjust the range of the ReaFIR display to allow you to edit the point again (the upper right text field is there which controls the highest value).

The generated gain value from the point is clamped to the display range, which is why the values don't cancel each-other out...

I suppose we should clamp the point value to the display range on edit, to avoid getting in this situation
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