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Paul Eye
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Default A rather cryptic project load warning (FIXED)

I got this cryptic warning loading a project of mine:

After some head scratching and a diff check in Notepad++ I figured out that the recent 0.7.0 update to bkFX ( https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=369138 ) was the culprit. I have an envelope changing the LFO waveform of bkDualFilter, and that envelope was completely missing. Seems like the 0.7.0 update changed this param to non-automatable. Reverting to 0.6.0 brought the LFO waveform envelope back.

Now the point of this post is that the error message is quite misleading. The project was last saved in March 2022 in 6.51, and last opened in 6.62rc3 today. Also, the error message doesn't at all specify which parameter (or even plugin) this concerns. This might be a somewhat rare edge case, but a more informative error message would be nice

(not really sure if this should be in bug reports tbh)

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I'm not sure the error message is misleading - it suggests it might be a version issue but doesn't say it definitely is.
Obviously it'd be good to have super-informative error messages for all eventualities, if possible, but i don't know how practical this is.

From the plugins you linked -

"bkFX currently is in Beta stage which means there might be changes coming in following releases that break projects using the effects. Personally, I feel the feature set and DSP/algorithms are fairly complete but I like to wait for your feedback before declaring them stable."
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It is a bit cryptic, but it's occurring because the project contains automation for an FX parameter that the FX says cannot be automated. REAPER should not create automation for non-automatable parameters in the first place, so probably what happened is the updated plugin now reports some parameters as non-automatable that were previously reported as automatable.
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Paul Eye
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I did post in the KVR thread asking if this was an intentional change. Let's see what the dev replies.

Still, as I noted already, would be nice if an error message like this specified which plugin/param this affects (if it's doable without too much effort).
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Yes, it seems like it would be highly useful that the track name and FX name were displayed in this particular case.
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improving the messaging
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