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Default MIDI Velocity Ranger

I've just put this JS FX together in response to:

It selects MIDI notes within a velocity range and rescales the velocity into a new range.

Here's the link to the JS FX:

In Reaper:
- add the FX to a MIDI track,
- select the MIDI channel you want to affect,
- select the range for the input velocities,
- select the range for the output velocities,

- right-click the MIDI item and select "Apply FX to item as new take".
- this writes the MIDI output the FX to a new lane (take) on the same track

Thanks to those whose JS snippets I've used.
Let me know if there's any problems.
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Default how do I install this into Reaper 4?

how do I install this into Reaper 4?
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should be a path like the below one..

C:\Program Files (x86)\REAPER\InstallData\Effects

for any "JS" based fx

There's some really good ones to be had if you search around too!
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would be helpful for bozos like me if you added some sort of percentage scaling or similar. I am used to a MIDI velocity scaler that allows you to set a range of velocities and then change them either by a fixed amount in proportion or a percentage scale.

Hopefully this would be relatively easy to change? (said he, having no clue as to how one would go about doing it)
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Thanks DarkStar. That will come in handy.
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