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Default JS Arpeggiator Timing Issue (& the fix) (FIXED)

Hey folks!

I always felt the stock JS Arpeggiator to be overly "humanized" in high speeds. The notes don't play 16ths but rather introduce an ever-shifting amount of "swing" to the rhythm.

In a recent livestream we went over the code with the awesome leafac and discovered this line at the end of the JS plugin:


This line seems to have been commented out, perhaps on accident. Uncommenting the line so it looks like this:


fixes the issue completely and all notes are played perfectly in time!

This is (As far as I understand) probably due to the fact that MIDI in JSFX is processed in the @block section which may or may not be a whole integer ratio of the tempo, causing these timing issues.

Anyway, it's a simple fix but I thought it could go in the next update either way!
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heh oops thanks!
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Nice fix. worked here as well! Thanks
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