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Default High CPU with native plugin in newer dev versions

I'm getting trice the CPU usage for dev versions since CLAP plugin support. On Windows.
A project with 63 tracks of reasynth (same with RSO5k), attached below, takes 38%~43% of CPU with version v6.69+dev1030.

Loading the same project in v6.69 takes only 8%~13%.

So I tried older versions. v6.64+dev0728 uses a bit lower CPU than v6.69.

But starting dev0801, with the introduction of CLAP plugin support, the CPU uses increases.
dev0801 uses around 20% of CPU, but the real culprit is the v6.64+dev0803, which uses 40% similar to the latest version.

Some other observations:
1. FX CPU usage stays low in all versions.
2. CPU usage does not drop when either bypassing all plugins, nor offlining them. You have to delete them to have the CPU usage drop to 0.1% (eventually) with 67 empty tracks.
3. Changing the block size of the audio interface doesn't affect this CPU usage.

I'm guessing it has something to do with the
v6.64+dev0803 - August 3 2022
  # Clap: thread pool support

v6.64+dev0801 - August 1 2022
  + CLAP: initial support for CLAP plugins
  + Sends: optimize processing when send muted and running muted tracks is enabled
  + Sends: optimize processing when sends do not send MIDI and have their volume to -inf

P.S. Oh no should I be posting this in the pre-release discussion? v6.69 does use a bit more CPU than dev0728 though.
P.P.S. A friend who uses linux x86_64 told me that they do not experience this issue. I'm guessing it might be windows only.
P.P.P.S. I tried loading the project with a fresh portable installation of the newest dev version, and this issue is gone. I don't know which settings in the preferences or something trigger this behavior, too many variables to check alas.
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Thanks! I think I see the reason for this, hopefully will be fixed in the next +dev build!
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try +dev1102 or later and see if that helps!
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Here, the update works.

Could you look this performance issue too, please?


now dev1102 :

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