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Default Issue: envelope read mode doesn't lock VST3 FX param value if playstate=Play (FIXED)


VST 3 FX param value set to envelope with read mode are not locked to this envelope value from user input (usually click and drag) if playstate is play, contrary to when playstate is stop or to the VST2 version of the same FX.

Screenshot below, testing with
  1. VST2 playstate stop
  2. VST3 playstate stop
  3. VST2 playstate play
  4. VST3 playstate play (this one doesnt work as expected)

Note: at stop, VST3 param value take back the value from the envelope.
Note2: It is not just a graphical issue.

Expected Behavior
The VST3 param FX value should be locked to envelope value if envelope is set to read mode, just like in the VST2 version, and just like at stop state.

Not sure if it is a bug, a feature or a settings, but as it seems to not match the VST2 version, I report this as a bug.

Tested with Fab Filter Pro-Q 2, VST3 and VST2 of the plugin (for best comparison), and few other FX.

Thx for taking a look! 👍

EDIT: Solved in v6.78+dev0413 - April 13 2023

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aight, got a fix for this!
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