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Default Recpass Always starting at 2 for me

Hey all, my preferred formatting for recorded filenames is $track-$recpass000. But I noticed recently that it always starts at 002 for me. After some experimentation, even if I do just $recpass, or $recpass00, it'll start at 2. Then, I tried using the action "Reset global recording pass counter (may affect take alignment, recorded filenames)", and it STILL started at 2! After starting at 002, from there it works exactly as expected. $recnumber works as expected too, but I really prefer $recpass for my needs. I honestly don't think this is a bug, I'm assuming I somehow did something under the hood to make this happen and wonder if the experts here can help me out with this Let me know if you all have any ideas about what I'm doing wrong, and if I should add any more information about my setup. It may be worth noting, I'm using the stock actions for record and Play/Stop. The only thing in my default track is having an EQ in the chain, which I don't THINK is it but maybe something to do with my default track preference..?

Anyways, thanks in advance for the help!
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Just noticed the same issue, $recpass is starting at 2 instead of 1, but $recnumber works as expected
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ah thanks, fixing!
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