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Default v7.18 - July 6 2024

v7.18 - July 6 2024
  • + Actions: fix action list definition of 'split item under mouse cursor ignoring grouping, select right' (7.17 regression) [p=2792089]
  • + Actions: actions to nudge pan left/right respect grouping
  • + FX: defer FX-follows-track-selection until after mouse capture is completed [p=2793035]
  • + Lanes: remove 'create comp areas for new recording while comping' from lane header button recording submenu (same setting is already in comping submenu)
  • + Lanes: support default fixed lane track record mode override in Preferences / Project / Track/Send Defaults [p=2793287]
  • + Lanes: update lane header buttons when lane play state changes after recording [p=2793292]
  • + Lanes: update track properly when moving items down to a new lane on a track that has only one lane showing [t=292409]
  • + Lanes: when new recording cannot add lanes, and recording into an existing fixed lane track, always add new recording to a lane that is already playing
  • + Linux: allow configuring JACK MIDI port count (62/64 by default, range allowed 0-128)
  • + Linux: fix crashes/incorrect priority when using JACK/PipeWire on some systems [p=2794080]
  • + Meters: fix meter colors when using mixed peak/loudness metering for different tracks [p=2792915]
  • + MIDI editor: improve drawing responsiveness to scrub, other miscellaneous actions
  • + MIDI editor: improve resizing behavior when using project-sync timebase
  • + MIDI editor: improve synced-timebase update frequency
  • + Mouse modifiers: add mouse modifier support for take marker left drag, left click, double click
  • + Peaks: fix loudness peaks display when media item volume adjustment is applied [p=2792398]
  • + Razor edits: fix consolidating small adjacent razor edits [t=291621]
  • + ReaScript: add InsertTrackInProject(), MIDI_RefreshEditors()
  • + ReaScript: improve TrackFX_AddByName() searching of Audio Unit names [t=292553]
  • + ReaScript: SetTrackUIPan/Volume/Width now clear touch state if done=true, temporarily set if done=false [t=291664]
  • + ReaScript: SetTrackUIPan/Width no longer affect last-touched track [t=291674]
  • + ReaScript: support background projects for GetTrackGUID(), GetTrackInfo(), DeleteTrack()
  • + Recording: fix looped lane recording when recording starts before the loop start [p=2793240]
  • + Regions: add region display options to region right-click menu
  • + Render/convert: improve behavior when preserving source file metadata and source files contain many different metadata fields [p=2792710]
  • + Ruler: add option to display selected regions over unselected regions (in ruler lane right-click menu)
  • + Take markers: add double-click mouse modifiers to change take marker up-rank/down-rank
  • + Take markers: fix actions that delete takes based on up-rank/down-rank markers after splitting the item [p=2792523]
  • + Tempo: add global preference to snap tempo envelope edits to whole or fractional bpm
  • + Theme adjuster: localization support
  • + Theme adjuster: support mousewheel on faders
  • + Theme: make reading of unzipped rtconfig.txt match corner case behaviors of zipped file to catch bugs earlier
  • + Track defaults: allow setting force multichannel input, force MIDI input, and MIDI latch-replace as default track record modes via preferences [t=292454]
  • + Windows: improve update responsiveness of MIDI editor

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+ Windows: improve update responsiveness of MIDI editor

This sounds like very good news. Thanks devs!
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Thanks devs! Hadn't even got to grips with what changed in 7.17 yet!
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I deleted my themes and wanted to get the default theme back by reinstalling 7.18.
Does not work with 7.18 . It worked with 7.17.
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