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Jake Holland
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Default De-esser - does Reaper have a built-in de-esser plug-in?

I am looking for a de-esser plug-in within Reaper. I don't see any in the list from the available ones from LOSER, JS, STILWEL or the REA plugs.

Anybody know if there is one or one that will do de-essing really well?

If not....what do you recommend to use for de-essing in 3rd party land?

Also...is there anything good for de-essing out there that is not outrageously priced or maybe even something free?

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I think with ReaXcomp you can do de-essing. I think it also comes with a preset for this ...
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Jake Holland
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While I am here I would alike to ask which specific software de-esser is the best one that the pros use in top mixes regardless of price?

Which is the best de-esser to have?

I've only ever used the Waves de-esser several years ago.
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well, most of the "pros" (as in people who get paid to do audio work as their main source of income) use whatever de-esser they feel like - if you know how to properly engineer something, you dont need a "magic" de-esser. one swears by waves, one swears by the multiband compressor that comes with logic, and one says "fuck it - i'll just re-record that line with different mic placement."

it totally depends on the engineer in question, "pro" or not, and what the specific application is.

hope this helps.
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Jake - You could also use ReaFir for this. Insert ReaFir into the FX chain, identify an offending "SSSSSS", zoom in real close, loop select just it, no more (scrubbing will help you find the exact area) then run ReaFir in Subtract mode with Automatic Build Profile selected.

Then deselect the loop, deselect Automatic Build Profile and see how you go.
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Download spitfish (or all the plugs, they're all great)for your de essing needs.It's a great de deeser
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I like spitfish quite a bit, good recommendation.

I'll have to play with ReaFir, that sounds pretty cool!
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If at all possible it's better to try an stop the sibilants before they get into the recording.A cheap Pop shield can also help de-ess.I've also used the toe of a sock on a mic to help prevent these problems( I can tell you washed ones are better<grin<)

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use Reacomp and move the trigger filter so that it's targeting the offending frequencies.

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Dave rich
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A de-esser plugin usually is nothing else than a preset multi-band compressor:

- a crossover, which splits the incoming signal

- a compressor/limiter, applied just to the higher and appropriate frequency range

In Reaper you already got ReaXcomp.

Set it to have only two bands ("Delete bar" button)

Set the split point to around 3-4 KHz, then solo listen to the higher band to fine adjust to the most offending sibilants.

Set the lower band to bypass (de-select the "active" box)

Set the higher band compressor/limiter to a fairly high ratio and fast attack, then set the threshold and other parameters to your needs.

A bit of experimenting and you'll end up with one of the best de-esser you can have.

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