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Default How to change BPM w/out stretching midi notes (so they still sync with audio)?

I've searched high and low on the forums, tried timebase changing (time vs the 2 beats settings), locking, etc to no avail.

Here's my scenario:
I make a live recording, recording multiple midi instruments and also multiple audio sources. I haven't set the tempo to anything in particular and we aren't using a click track.

Later when I'm mixing I want to add in tempo based effects, like delay, etc. so I tempo tap to get the project BPM to match the actual performance BPM. Then I can have the effects use the host bpm. But when I do this, the midi notes shift to match the new tempo. I'd prefer not to stretch the audio, since I want to preserve the actual tempo that occurred at record time.

I've tried changing project/item timebase setting to the three different values but with all of those setting the midi notes themselves still shift, and are no longer in sync with the audio.

A solution/workaround would be to make sure I just set the tempo on each song before I start, but that task is sometimes forgotten or is impractical, or for whatever reason, so I'm hoping for a simple fix during the mixing process.

The closest thing I could find on the forum regarding this is:
which suggests that there isn't an easy way and gives what looks like a fairly time-consuming process of splitting each midi note, but maybe I'm misreading or there is a way to automate the process.
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You can free up MIDI from the project tempo in the items Properties. At the bottom click on 'Properties'. This opens the MIDI event properties with a checkbox 'Ignore project tempo information, use:' and some fields to enter a bpm and signature.
Tick this checkbox and enter the original bpm and signature you used while recording.

Then you can change the tempo without MIDI following.
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Huge Thanks! That's just what I was looking for...
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