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Default Drag zoom (Wavelab/Cubase style)


Is it possible to get "drag zoom" behavior in Reaper?

You know, when you grab the timeline with the left mouse button and drag down/up to zoom in/out. At the same time, you can drag left/right to adjust the central position of the zoom. This is really intuitive and natural, more so since at least Wavelab, Ableton Live and Cubase/Nuendo work this way (don't know about PT or Logic - do they?). Honestly, I don't understand why this feature is not implemented. It's not like vertical dragging in the timeline has some other function in Reaper - it simply does nothing; besides, it could be made configurable, the way everything in Reaper is. Is it just for the sake of being different from other DAWs? I hope not...

This FR seems close to what I'm talking about, but the mention of Ctrl, Alt, Mousewheel or middle button suggests otherwise. Just grab the timeline and drag up/down - after you get used to it, it really feels the most natural way. If it's really the same FR, how do I vote for it?

P.S. I might come off as annoyed, so let me add that I like Reaper, support Reaper (having bought a license) and I really want it to be the best DAW. Functionally, it's very impressive and probably does everything I need - but minor things such as this go a long way toward making the user experience comfortable.
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It's a good idea, so I support it, although I got used to scrolling wheel+modifiers.
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It would be a nice addition but i too have got use to using the wheel on my shuttle pro to zoom in and out plus using the sws extensions i can toggle a zoom to a selection of items or the time selection which is very fast way of working.
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sounds good,

btw the current zoom, at the right bottom corner,

that you can drag right/left

if you work on almost full screen,

this method is useless, because you can't drag it right ,
(becuase it's where the screen end)

i saw in cakewalk sonar,
when you use this method, a popup rise up, let you zoom as much as you like.

in fl studio the both vertical/horizinal zoom, made by up/down,

so you don't have the problem of place.
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