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Default Reaper and ART USB Dual Pre

Hey all, I love Reaper and this forum and I am excited to have ditched Logic and the Mac for this setup.I am, however, having some difficulty with sound drivers. I am new to the PC/DAW scene so forgive me for my naivete; I am more of a musician, and less of an engineer.

1. What driver should I use when nothing is connected?

2. What driver should I use when my ART USB Dual Pre is connected?

I have DL'd ASIO4ALL, but there seems to be two places to tweak, the driver itself and then the I/O within prefs. Another thing is that the USB PRE says it needs no driver (from the manual: The USB interface is fully compliant with the USB 1.1 specification and uses USB adaptive mode for playback and USB asynchronous mode for record. It will work with the USB audio device drivers built into Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista 32bit and Apple OS9.1/OSX computers with native USB support. No special drivers are needed).

I've been having a lot of Reaper 'not responding' issues playing around with this. I did see where you can adjust the latency per manufacturer specs -- that's awesome.

Anyhoo, I hope I'm not being vague -- I'd like to be able to plug in my PRE and have it work, or unplug it and have it default to the conexant driver. For some reason this is difficult.

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The ART driver should be fine for using it with most windows progs but reaper benefits from being used with an ASIO driver.

As youve got ASIO4ALL, that should do the trick. Yes, you probably need to set it up in both places.

Dont think simply unplugging the ART will make any progs default to another driver, youre probably gonna have to select it manually.
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Hi mate, I have the "conexant" drivers as well. For some reason, they don't work for me too with Asio4all. In Reaper, devices, per default asio4all has the "digital out" on, and while I go into the asio4all preferences I for the hell of it cannot enable the "normal outputs", as I don't need the digital out.
So I get no sound out of Reaper too with the bloody conexant inbuilt card (which, to be frank, is a bit crappy anyways.)

My solution was to get a usb soundcard, in my case the old Edirol UA25, which should be available second hand if you'd like to have this or a similar one, as Edirol produces another card now, UA 25 EX or whatever it's called. The card is not loved by all, but runs super-stable, and with it Reaper just works 100% like with all asio-soundcards .

Sadly enough I can only see what the specs tell me about your ART USB dual pre. I use a Presonus tubepre, which has NO built in soundcard like your ART has.
The "it works" sentences from ART just mean that you don't need to worry you had to find some other files to install your ART. It does not say if there are asio drivers.

And as the ART has no Asio drivers, and the conexant card in my case at lesat does not work right (this forum, if there is any, will produce a solution for us anyway, pretty soon, he he, if there is one) - the problem seems not to be Reaper-related.

For a test - but with bad latency - you could indeed choose the other possibilities in Reaper, but as already said - Asio is by far the best... I can, if my Edirol is not near, get Reaper to play stuff with direct sound and other settings, but this is of course nothing for recording or for to work with great success ;-).

So if not someone would come with another solution, as far as I understand it you would need a nice usb soundcard, if you use a laptop, or a nice card for your Desktop. Very cheap and great are for example the m-audio 2496 which I use, or some emu cards, but there are lots available now.

If that is a no-go for you, getting another soundcard - then excuse my long post . And I am nearly sure I misunderstood this and that, not knowing your equipment well. Well.... others may chime in maybe... All the best!
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I Lifted this off another forum by some guy:
relating to conexant hd working with asio4all in sonar: replace 'sonar' with 'reaper'. may be helpful?

Here's how to get the best from that set up....using Vista uninstall any third party Windows driver i.e. the Conexant or Realtek whatever and let Windows install the generic Microsoft HD Audio one if you can (some hardware is wired up or not implemented 100% as per spec in those cases you'll HAVE to use the proprietary manufacturers one. XP users will have to use the manufacturers driver as XP is too old to have HD Audio as standard).

Google Asio4all d/l and install (version 2.9 is the current one) then you are done.

Fire up Sonar in the Options/Audio/Advanced tab set driver mode to Asio. Click OK then shut down and restart Sonar

Go to Options/Audio again this time in the drivers tab turn off all the output drivers except the first one. Go to the General tab click on make sure the input playback master and output playback master are set to Asio4all, check 64 bit double precision.

Set the sample rate to what you want 44,100k is what I'm set at.

Click the ASIO Panel button to bring the A4ALL interface and try this setup to get you going (you can tweak later).

Hit the spanner icon on the panel to bring up the advanced options.

Latency Compensation 32 Samples both in and out.

Check the Hardware Buffer (so there is a tick on it)
Set Buffer offset to 2ms
Uncheck the other 2 boxes they are for AC/97 cards
Slide the ASIO Buffer Size to 352 to start with this will give you a hefty 8.0 ms latency but reliable use for mixing, which you can then bring down as low as you dare if needed for midi tracking.

Go back to Sonar's Audio Options and click OK to finalise this set-up.

Restart yer Sonar and strut yer stuff.

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Default behringer usb asio driver works

Go to Behringer website and download the asio driver for the u-control units. It will work with art usb pre. It is the USB ASIO 2.8.17 or 2.8.14 versions
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I'm having serious issues with latency, even playback of music in itunes skips on my computer. I have the usb dual tube pre, and up until recently it worked just fine. Now, there are issues.

I instaleld ASIO4ALL and it won't show up anywhere, either in reaper nor my control panel.

The behringer device drivers timeout when they are trying to detect usb audio devices.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I currently can't record anything, and even simple music playback has latency issues
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