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Default Configuring external midi device with Reaper

I have used Reaper with soft synths but I am having a difficult time getting my Kurzweil K2000RS to work with Reaper. I have my K2000RS connected to my PC with a USB MIDI interface, so I am getting notes to be played via the step sequencer in Reaper. Here is what I have done so far:

Options>Preferences>Audio>MIDI Devices>Midi outputs to make available>USB Uno MIDI Out>Enabled.

Inset>New MIDI item>io>Midi Hardware Output>USB Uno MIDI Out

I am getting sounds from my K2000 and a red signal showing in the instrument's track of the mixer, but no signal shows in the master track of the mixer, and the slider for the volume in the instrument's track of the mixer has no effect (the volume stays the same).

Also, when I try to add effects to the signal via fx, there is no effect.
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That's all working correctly :

-- The MIDI notes are in the MIDI Clip,
-- On playback, those notes are routed to the MIDI Hardware Output for the track (your Uno),
-- The "MIDI activity" indicator lights up showing that the MIDI notes are detected,
-- the MIDI notes leave Reaper and go to your Kurzweil which generates the audio,
-- there is no audio within Reaper, so the audio level meters on the track and on the Master do not have anything to register,
-- the slider only controls audio(*) - it has nothing to control so has no effect,
-- the FX you are adding are audio Fx - again, there is no audio within Reaper so they have nothing to effect.

What you can try is sending the audio from your Kurzweil back into Reaper, then you will see the audio levels and can apply FX to the audio.

Also have a look at ReaInsert (User Guide, section 3.31)

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