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Default Tip for 64 bit OS's and EMU Proteus users...

I got around to installing Proteus on the new 64 bit Win 7 DAW. It seemed to work fine... UNTIL I went to reload a project. An error message would pop up; "I:\blah\blah.exb is not a valid EOS or EXB bank file!"

Solution? Find ProteusVX.exe, right-click and put it in Win XP SP3 compatibility mode. The stand alone and plugin should now work as before. I had a fit trying to figure out why it worked on the old PC and not here... Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

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This is an old thread but a good tip. I had the same issue trying to run Proteus VX in Win10. The XP compatibility mode and also running Proteus as an administrator did the trick. It then gave me the option to re-scan the library files. Once that was done, all is well again. Thanks.
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Damn! I dumped MY copy of Proteus because it was so unreliable in 64bit Win10!!!
Ah, well....
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