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Default Actions: Wait Until Next beat/bar/measure/loop point for next action

Currently we have actions for waiting 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, and 10 seconds before the next action, but unfortunately these aren't really useful in any musically sense.

I would really love if there were similar actions based on musical time intervals like beats, bars, measures and the current loop length.

This would allow (among other things):

-Much easier use of Reaper as 'live-looper' like Mobius, the Gibson Echoplex or Ableton Live
-Quantized functions like Ableton Live's "Global Quantization", Mobius (quantized solo, mute, reverse etc)
-More flexible punch and looped recording.
-The precision of manual automation with the creativity of recording it live.
-'On-the-fly' auditioning of different arrangements (Wait until next bar, go to marker X/Seek X bars etc)
-Endless creative actions (rather than strictly time-saving/convenience ones) that will automatically adapt to any project without needing to be edited.

FRs: v5 Media Explorer Requests, Global Quantization, Session View
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I neeeeeed this!
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Coming with v4.0
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Yes, yes. This would indeed allow huge possibilities when it comes to live looping/performing.

Some concrete examples:

You could use midi pads to mute tracks 2, 3 & 5 when the loop cycle ends, while with a pedal you add a new track, arm it and start recording a new "layer" next time the loop starts.

With another macro you could select track 3, select all items and clear it, record a few measures, end recording at the end of next wanted measure and immediately duplicate the item to fill the whole loop.

...And a thousand and one other things...

As mentioned previously, this would also allow Reaper to be used in many ways similarily to Ableton Live's session view and would undoubtedly get high praises from many "electronic musicians", as it would make constructing and remixing tracks on the fly a lot easier.

Though, at the moment I don't believe Reaper even allows simultaneous input of new actions while previous actions wait to be triggered..(?)
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