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Default Consolidate/Export tracks with envelopes

I'm exporting the project tracks to separate files to move them to studio DAW. Several tracks have envelopes, but when exporting, they're left ignored and just plain tracks are exported. How can I include the envelope effects in the tracks? I don't want to start rendering enveloped tracks one by one as it's unpractical and there's too many. I also tried 'Track->Render selected tracks to stem tracks', 'Render item as new take' and 'Apply track FX to track as new take' as was instructed somewhere else but the result was same.

I've heard that this is done somehow, but I'm out of means.
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I am 100% positive that ''Render stems (selected tracks)...'' from the render dialog DOES apply the envelopes.

It also allows you to export all the tracks you wish at once by selecting them all first.

''Consolidate tracks'' on the other hand is intended to export a raw version of the recordings along the editing that has been done. It is like walking out of the studio with your reels leaving the mixing board behind...

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