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Default MOTU 828 MK II Midi out is all over the place

Before starting on the problem itself, my investigations have so far established...

This is not a REAPER problem. Behaviour is the same when using Studio One.

This is not a general MIDI problem - using my Yamaha USB 1x16 interface, there are no problems at all.

------------The problem------------
MIDI Out via the MOTU 828MKII Midi outs are all over the place, timing wise.

I record MIDI via the MIDI ports built in to the MOTU 828 MK II. Timing is fine.

I then route MIDI to any MIDI device via the 828 (tried a number of samplers, drum machines, keyboards) and the timing is all over the place - totally random, comletely unrecognisable. Most notes don't even get sent.

Curiously, if I open the MIDI editor and *before ever pressing play* I can hit the keyboard at the side of the window and sounds play immediately, as expected. I hit play, and from then on, previewing like this is intermittent and massively laggy (many seconds delay).

I've updated MOTU drivers to the latest version but I'm really at a loss now as to what to do. I should, I suppose go to MOTU with this but as you're such a nice bunch of people I thought I'd ask here first in case anyone else had experienced something similar.
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