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Default Deconvolute not Working in ReaVerb on OsX

hi there!
I'm trying to get a deconvolution done in Reaper with the ReaVerb PlugIn on OsX. NO Problems with that on a Win Machine. But I tried it on three different Mac-Machines (both Intel and PPC) with different OS (10.5.8 and 10.6.4) and it doesn't work as it should. Choosing 'File' in ReaVerb and canceling gives me the 'Deconvolute...' Button - fair enough. Then I click it and ReaVerb asks for the file to deconvolute, which I choose. But then on every occassion, I'm asked for the output IR filename. Giving that and prompting OK it always says: 'Error opening test tone File'.
No wonder, as I haven't been asked for one.
On Windows this works OK (choose file to deconvolute -> choose test tone -> choose outpufile name).
A bit strange, 'cause it's a Reaper PlugIn after all.
I'm writing an article and it would be nice to have it done in OSX and Win alike.

Any suggestions?
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any luck with this? just had the same thing happen. thanks
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Default OSX 10.6.8 ReaVerb Issues.

Hello All.

I am new to Reaper and the Forum!

I am trying to find away to deconvolve sine-sweeps on OSX. I first installed Reaper on my laptop 10.93 64 bit. I found the interface and functionality easy to use in a pleasantly surprising manner, considering my longstanding PT workflow.

I used Reaper to generate nice long sweeps, and have played back through various systems, recorded and edited these files. I return to Reaper to Deconvolve, I process three files, they all turn out fairly well for a first run! Very happy with my results I install Reaper on my faithful 10.6.8 tower where I can use my new IR samples. Happy days! The files also worked in Space Designer in Logic! Hurrah.

I then engage a second round of experimentation, but experience "error opening file" message. I rule out a few possibilities, google around, find this post, and conclude I should return deconvolution duties to my laptop. I now run the same process again on the laptop with the same file, but get very unexpected results: You can hear sweeps of the sine embedded in the new file. You can tell from the spectrogram instantly that something is afoot. I then get the same wildly differing results from the same files. *Edit* : I rebooted and tried again, I now get the same error opening message.

Is there a way of fixing this? Are there prefs worth trashing in this instance? I guess I should boot the windows partition and try there....

Any advice gratefully received.


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Default Got it working

Sorry to ressurect,

I just found out how to fix the 'Error opening test tone File' in ReaVerb MacOSX.
Talking about Reaper 4.78, OSX 10.9, now.

The problem seems to be, that the folder has to be set each time with the 'Generate test tone' Button.

So it goes like this:

Create your impulse response with the reaper test tone and your Equipment

2) open test tone in ReaVerb->Add File (just to get the Deconvolve Button)

NOW FIRST, press the 'Generate test tone' Button and save the test tone again in the same dir, where you have your impulse respnonse

THEN, use the 'Deconvole' Button and follow the instructions - it should work now.

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Ah sorry about this, fixing!
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