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Default Import Cue/Wav Separate CD Burn Dialog

Hi All,
The title pretty much says it. Reaper currently has no way to import a cue sheet, view the wav, or a separate burn dialog so that if we could open a cue/wav, or even a cue/bin for that matter, to burn directly from there. So I'm requesting that we have a separate CD Burn dialog, with the ability to import cue/wav format, view the wav in Reaper, and burn from there. Anyone wanting to burn an audio CD in Reaper the way it is now, has to render out cue/bin format first, before the burn dialog appears. With DDP support coming for version 4, it would also make since to be able to open the DDP file, and burn that as well.

The cdrecord/cdrtools that's in Reaper could be updated to do this, I think? (I'm not a programmer). And there is no way to change the write speeds currently. I already know about third party software, like imgburn, etc. Wouldn't it be better if Reaper had this built in?

Any thoughts?
Thanks, Wyatt
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+1 Я за
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Default Burn CD from cue/bin file

Totally agree. If you have a CD image you like, why should you have to re-render to burn a CD from it. Haven't found a way to do so. Should be easy.
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