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Default A&H Zed-R16 midi issues

I'm having a few minor issues using the midi controls on my Zed-R16 with Reaper:

1. Transport controls aren't quite right. "Play" starts playback, but pressing again doesn't do anything once playback has started (it should pause). "RWD" only jumps back, won't go to beginning of project (Shift-RWD doesn't do anything different). The transport controls appear to be implemented different from the other midi controls - I can't assign them through the actions menu like I can with other midi keys (pressing a transport key with the assign key dialog open has no effect).

2. The "Shift" key only behaves like a regular midi key. I can't figure out how to use it in conjunction with another key for a true "shift" function.

3. I assigned several of the rotary pots to "Adjust track FX parameter 1", "2", etc. However they don't seem to do anything. Assigning these pots to "pan", "send 1", "send 2", etc works as expected, but using them to adjust FX parameters has no effect. I've tried this with a number of different effects, including native Reaper effects, and non of them respond to the pots.

Admittedly these are all minor issues, but it sure would be nice to get them squared away so I can take full advantage of this otherwise amazing board.

Any pointers? Per suggestions of others, I have NOT enabled any control surfaces, and the Zed-R16 is selected only as a midi control device. Faders and assigning buttons/knobs to other functions is working as expected.

Thanks in advance!
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According to a post in another board, this appears to be a Reaper issue. Any comments?

"I've gotten the transport buttons working in Logic and Reaper, but with the FF/RW doing the annoying one step back/forward thing. At first I thought it was the board, but I've since set the transport up in Studio One and it works perfectly."

and from the Reaper forums:

"The 1-8 buttons send midi notes the transport controls send machine code and everything else sends CC. the notes and CC register in the action list the machine code just works, unfortunately no pause control just stop."

Sure would be nice if we could fix this issue. Anyone know how?
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