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So, I just bought a new laptop and am in the process of upgrading all my old software (Finale & Garritan Personal Orchestra). I also decided to check out REAPER as all the reviews make it sound amazing. I have not yet upgraded either Finale or GPO, however I have downloaded REAPER.

I notice REAPER supports WASAPI and ASIO. I can't get an anwer on whether the other two pieces of software support WASAPI or not (I know they support ASIO). But since REAPER supports WASAPI, if I upgrade to GPO4 (it has a new ARIA player that is supposedly nice) and use its VST ARIA Player plugin, can I use REAPER to route that signal through WASAPI, or will the GPO4 plugin only allow ASIO?
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I have used both interchangeably.
With my RME HDSP9652 I see almost no difference in latency, though.

Apart from WASAPI seems to bottom out at the equivalent of 64 buffers in ASIO and my RME is quite happy with 32. And at 32 Reaper shows a one-way trip within reaper of 0.70ms
Before all the smart-asses wade in, I KNOW that isn't the true overall round trip latency, but it still looks nicer than having ten ms up there.
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