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Default Easiest to use setup for Reason rewired into Reaper

I've juggled with a few different setups for rewiring Reason into Reaper. Although I would rather record and edit MIDI in Reaper, doing so requires too much trouble in the rewire scheme. Some of you might have ended up with the same setup that I'm using here, but for those of you who haven't settled on a setup that you like, take a look and see if it works for you. The track template is at the bottom of this post.

Keep in mind that I'm using Reason 5 32 bit, and if you're using a different version, you might have to replace the instance of Reason in the track template with your version, and save the template.

The beauty of this setup is that there is no need for multiple MIDI and audio tracks for Reason in Reaper, there isn't a bunch of messy routing, and you're free to add and remove devices without having to screw around with rewire routing at all. The audio from Reason is returned to respective tracks in Reaper, labeled 1/2, 3/4, 5/6...... I setup 8 stereo returns, but you can have a look at the routing and set up more if you need them. There is a single MIDI send track, which also holds Reason. Below it are the audio return tracks. I put all of this under a folder track, only for easy minimizing of the tracks. I suggest that you setup Reason to start up with an empty rack, and you'll need to disable any MIDI devices in Reason's preferences.

So, here is how this setup works. Insert the track template in Reaper, and Reason comes up, as usual. Create a device in Reason, play, and record your MIDI part in Reason. Reason will automatically wire this first device to Audio I/O Out 1/2. When you insert your next device, you'll only need to wire it to a new set of outputs on the Audio I/O, as Reason doesn't do this automatically for whatever reason. So, for each new device, just wire it to the Audio I/O. One catch here is that mono source devices, such as Subtractor will require either going into a mixer or a Spider splitter/merger before wiring to the Audio I/O interface.

This setup won't work for everyone, but if you need a simple, very easy to use Reaper/Reason setup, this might just do it for you.

Summary, TLDR version: Simple, easy to use Reason rewired into Reaper setup. To use, save an empty rack in Reason, disable MIDI controllers in Reason. Insert the track template in Reaper. Play and record MIDI in Reason. When creating new Reason devices, wire to Audio I/O in Reason. Mix audio in Reaper. Messing with rewire and Reaper routing not required.
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Default Thank you, forever.

I know that you posted this a while back, but I just wanted to thank you for posting this. It's a huge help for someone like me who hates troubleshooting ReWire.

Thank you!
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