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Default ReaComp meter issues with higher buffer settings (FIXED)

Hey people,

I have recently noticed (and fixed) an issue I had with the ReaComp gain reduction meters.

I found out that the meters were not updating correctly, instead they were "flickering", and irritably so. Audio was not affected, I think, but the jumpy metering really got on my nerves. Playing around with the RMS size values in ReaComp (which I thought I had changed accidentally) didn't fix it. Somehow I figured out that reducing the audio (!) buffer size got rid of the problem. (I had the buffers set really high, 4x4096 iirc).

I don't know if this is unavoidable or not, I just thought I'd let you know.

Edit: ReaComp input/output meters and the meters for my other plugins were not affected as far as I could tell
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Although this is a very old thread, I had that issue recently and changing the buffer size fixed it here, too... when it's set to 4096, ReaComp reduction meter flickers. Reminds me of an issue I had with video rendering, where it did not work when the buffer size was (not?) set to 512. Weird.
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Confirmed (5.22 x64, 4096 samples buffer).
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Fix coming in next 5.23 pre
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